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Hello! My name is Kevin Mejia. I am the proud owner of Kmotion Fitness!

I have experience working with a large spectrum of clientele. Client goals vary from weight loss, increase muscle mass, corrective exercise for chronic pains, and sport performance. Whatever your goals are, I’m here to help!

Growing up I played all sports such as basketball, volleyball, soccer, and taekwondo. As my passion for taekwondo grew, I spent my athletic focus on taekwondo. Some of my top achievements include numerous provincial championships, multiple podium finishes at junior and senior national championships, 2006 junior national champion, U.S Open bronze medal, junior national team for junior world championships, and national team member for the 2009 Universiade.



I love to see my clients succeed! It is the most satisfying feeling to see goals reached and surpassed. I am so grateful to choose personal training as a career! I love my job!

We only get one body, and this is why we should treat it properly. Many people are unaware that their bodies are not moving efficiently which can lead to pain throughout the body. I like to incorporate aspects of corrective exercise in every workout program in order to prevent potential injuries.

I believe that fitness has to be a lifestyle, not just a way to be aesthetically pleasing. Adopting a healthy lifestyle, rather than a short term practice, is the first step in reaching and maintaining your fitness goals.

Education is an the important piece to evolve my profession. There is a lot of new research being put into the fitness industry. It is proven that some traditional techniques are not effective, whereas other techniques have been refined.

Lastly, I strongly believe fitness must be fun! When it comes to fitness, you have to find your niche, whatever that may be. Fitness and exercise is not supposed to feel like work. You are more likely to succeed if you are having fun. Goals are more likely to be achieved if a strong support network are in place. That support can be a friend to workout with, a supporting spouse, or a trainer.


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Canadian Society for Exercise Physiology – Certified Personal Trainer

National Academy of Sports Medicine – Corrective Exercise Specialist

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