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Kmotion Fitness is dedicated to create specific workout programs for all clients. How does Kmotion Fitness keep the high standard of individualized training programs for online participants? We go a step beyond the regular questionnaire. We do assessments (either in person or via video) to truly keep each program specific to the individual. Assessments range from measurements to submaximal cardiovascular assessments to dynamic movement assessments to point out muscle imbalances. Throughout our time together you will be able to contact your trainer with any questions or concerns. Our trainers are able to modify training programs as time passes if required to reach your goals. At Kmotion Fitness, we do not believe in generic workout programs.


Online personal training is an affordable alternative to one on one personal training. Online personal training is like having a personal trainer everyday, without the costs. The accountability is still present with daily online check ins, as well as having a workout program ready for you every single day. If you have any questions or concerns, simply send a message to your trainer, and your trainer will get back to you as soon as possible. All workouts are accessible at all times, through a mobile app or by logging in on our website.


YouTube Library of Exercises – For everyone to enjoy!

Assessments – Measurements, submaximal aerobic, postural, dynamic movement etc.

Specific and Periodized Workout Program – After your assessments, your trainer will develop a training program.

Constant Contact With Your Trainer – Your trainer will keep you accountable and motivated to ensure you reach your goals.

Coaching From Your Trainer - If you need any advice, contact your trainer. They will be happy to help.

Technique Video Analysis – If you are unsure if you are doing an exercise correctly, simply record a video doing it, and your trainer can give some constructive criticism.

Nutritional Analysis- Take a couple of days to fill out a nutritional analysis form provided by your trainer. Your trainer will be able to analyse your diet and give recommendations.

1 on 1 Sessions With Your Trainer – Brush up on technique or get re-motivated.


    1. Contact us here
    2. Fill out the questionairre
    3. Complete fitness assessments assigned to you by your trainer.
    4. Receive a training program from your trainer
    5. Stay motivated and see results!

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